• Next Generation Technology in Every Area of Industry
    It is a technology company that offers solutions in many
    fields such as
    Mining, GIS, Laboratory, IoT and Automation by incorporating new generation technologies.

Loccad Systems

It is a technology company that develops in the field of industrial software with its 15 years of experience and offers solutions that provide efficiency and performance to companies. It offers solutions in the fields of geology, maps and construction, especially in the mining sector. The story of its foundation started with the creation of products specific to each user, by getting rid of standard software packages. Loccad Systems continues to grow every day in the industry with more than 350 users today.

Loccad Systems

Our solutions

With the developing software techniques and technologies, we offer you, our users, solutions that are more precise and errors can be reduced to zero. We provide performance and efficiency increase by minimizing the biggest costs in your businesses with our solutions. Our main goal is to build a future where we can grow together.




Bilgi Sistemleri


By offering solutions in all areas of the industry, we convey our sectoral experiences to our users in our area of expertise. We know your needs very well with our industry-experienced management staff and we offer solutions to your needs.


News and Events

We share with you all the developments in the Loccad System. We are strong together.


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